An event to get you in the mood

"Now here I go again, I see the crystal visions."

Joins us this Saturday, February 2 from 11-7PM at Eskell, 1509 N. Milwaukee for a Valentine's party. They'll be food (überlegit) and drinks and a great selection of jewelry (with custom engraving!) and ladies wear.

We just got back from California and drank a lot of interesting cocktail there - lots of ideas for new drinks. My dear friend Boris in San Fran has been working with roasted white chocolate and I'm going to try to weave that into a drink for Saturday. Come by to see if I've got it working! Otherwise, we'll have something spicy, red and tingly.

Above is my little Carmel, CA/Rumours/Vday collage. The theme for the party is... Fleetwood Mac. Yes.

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