Mango Chelada

Here's a refreshing twist on the Michelada/Chelada beer cocktail. As you may know, the Chelada is a popular drink in Mexico, consisting of lime, salt and beer. The Michelada, even more popular, adds in tomato juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire, Maggi*, Soy... sometimes clam juice or oranges. Every region in Mexico has its own version. When we traveled to Playa del Carmen last year, the Michelada there had only lime, salt and "pepper sauce".

Here's one variation using mango that adds a little sweetness and nutrition.

Mango Chelada
1-3 oz of Mango puree (strained)
1 oz lime juice (juice of one full lime)
12 oz Mexican light beer
2-3 dashes salsa picante (Mexican hot sauce)
2-3 dashes soy sauce
2-3 dashes Worcestershire

Build the chelada as you would a bloody mary - add the mango, lime, sauces, ice, beer and then stir or roll into a salt-rimmed pint or pilsner glass.

*Maggi, popular in Europe and Mexico is a sauce made from concentrated vegetables. It's in the bouillon family and can be subbed for soy sauce.

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