Fit for a Room: Take 4

Fourth post in the series where we take a room and then we pair a drink with the room. Why? Because it's a fun exercise. Because we like interiors and art and culture and this gives us the opportunity to see how cocktail culture fits in.

Often people ask us to explain our blog. First and foremost it's a cocktail blog, but it's also a culture blog, a learning blog, an exploring blog. We try to be well-rounded people. We want to mix in lively libations with interesting people, and the ideas and notions that make life exciting.

Above and below is the work of Gregory Crewdson who produces beautiful, lonesome and mystical photos of suburban life. For the kitchen/garden photo above, we're pairing the classic Rusty Nail cocktail. Can you see the husband standing there, just out of the frame, watching his expressionless wife, drink in hand? Is he contemplating how well the earthiness of the scotch and the honey and botanicals of the Drambuie mirror his wife's state of being? Probably not.

Rusty Nail
3 parts Scotch
1 part Drambuie

Build in an ice-filled rocks glass and stir.

Notes: David Wondrich says it best on his Esquire write-up of the Rusty Nail: " Once the Rusty Nail found its identity, it found its home. With its combo of swank ingredients (Drambuie ain't cheap), homey comfort (the liqueur and ice blunt any edge the liquor might have), and foolproof construction (there's really no way to fuck this one up -- if it's too sweet, just add more Scotch), the Rusty Nail is to the classic suburban rec room as coffee is to the church basement."

I found a noteworthy recipe for making Drambuie on shaving forum?!? Badger and Blade:

1 bottle Blended Scotch
Peel of 1/2 a lemon
Peel of 1/2 an orange
1 cinnamon stick
10 cloves
A good bit of Angostura
5oz honey

Let it sit for a week or two, shake until it's all dissolved and strain.

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