Winter Fruit

A lovely poster by Claire Nereim available for purchase on Etsy. This would look swell hanging above a home bar, especially with the companion "Summer Fruit", and is great inspiration for Winter cocktails. It's also a reminder that citrus season is fast upon us. Fresh and cheap. Yes!

Here are the fruits:
limes - fill up your refrigerator! On movie nights, I'll often juice half a lime for rum and cokes, dark and stormy's or gin and tonics and use the other half to replace half the butter for popcorn. Just make 5 or 6 cups of popcorn, melt a tablespoon butter, add the lime juice and 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of salt, mustard powder, tumeric, cayenne, garam masala and cumin.
kumquats - the tiny cousin of the orange. Native to Asia, it's quite versatile. Often used to make jams, you can also eat it raw, infuse with liquors, juice and mix with tea, or make a lovely cocktail garnish.
citron - the fruit most resembling french fries above, is also one of the oldest. Perhaps the father of all citrus fruit, it is native to Southeast Asia and the Middle East. It's not great for juicing, but if you can find it use the zest and then cook it down to make jam (jam cocktails being all the rage these days)
pomegranate - now is the time to make your own grenadine. See our instructions here and try the classic Jack Rose cocktail - 3 parts Applejack brandy, 2 parts lemon or lime juice and 2 dashes of grenadine shaken and strained.
blood orange - oh the allure. A truly beautiful fruit. Try the Blood Orange Flip recipe from early on in our blog.
pomelo - a citrus as big as your head! It's generally milder and sweeter than it's progeny, the grapefruit. In India, it's eaten raw with salt and sliced chilies - an excellent idea for a cocktail. Just juice the pomelo, make a thai chili simple syrup, add gin, ice and garnish with a slice of chili and a salt rim. Breakfast is served.
lemons - the workhorse of most classic cocktails. Now would be a good time to experiment with preserving lemons. See instructions here.
pear - easy to cook down in a syrup to get a lot of flavor. Lately, I've been roasting them to caramelize the sugars and then cooking them down into a simple syrup.
tangerine - sweeter and smaller than the orange. This would be pretty juiced with a honey syrup, rooibos tea and cognac - just note that you might need to supplement with some lemon juice for correct balance.
grapefruit - a relatively young hybrid, made from the pomelo and the Jamaican sweet orange. The pink variety was born in the early 20th century. To celebrate it's heritage, I might try a cocktail of Jamaican dark rum, Allspice dram and grapefruit juice.

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