I have just started watching David Lynch's entire Twin Peaks series for the first time.  Relishing his aesthetic, seduced by the unraveling of a mystery, I have been savoring every minute...trying to make it last.  But, as I come closer to maybe never discovering who killed Laura Palmer, I can't help but notice that David Lynch is lurking near by.

David Lynch just debuted a new album Crazy Clown Time which I found surprisingly listenable.  It is soft, melodic, dreamy, as he whispers and sings through voice distortion, and collaborates on a song with Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's.  I even thought I recognized a cameo from the theme song to Twin Peaks.  You might consider this album synth-pop, I would consider it the perfect soundtrack to a winter road trip.

Lynch also recently opened a members only bar in Paris called Silencio inspired by his fictitious club Silencio in Mulholland Drive.  There are some pictures of the space in press throughout the internet and he has published a few exclusive images for an article in Nowness, but he intends for the interior to remain shrouded in mystery.  The bar is nestled in a basement 6 floors underground, will serve original cocktails, has a stage for live shows, a cinema, a library with some of his exotic book collection and holds a smoking room disguised as an indoor forest.  It is a members only bar until midnight when it opens to the public.  I can only hope to one day have a drink at this bar, in the mean time, I will have to visit in my dreams.



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