the Buck and the Mule

I have been craving ginger cocktails ever since I sampled my friend Marc's Cherry Buck, which he made for his baby shower a few weeks ago.  He infused Heaven Hill Gold Label bourbon with black cherries, added Cherry Heering, demerara syrup, lime juice and topped it off with ginger beer and some Angostura bitters.  It was my first ever "buck" cocktail, and it was a huge hit at the party. 

I was familiar with the Moscow Mule, a relative of the buck cocktail made with vodka, lime and ginger beer.   Coming full circle, the mule was popular during the 1940's-1960's when vodka was in fashion, hence the nod to Russia.   

The buck, usually refers to variations of ginger beer cocktails using gin, bourbon, brandy, rum and other liqueurs. In fact, the dark and stormy is also considered a rum buck.  Marc Hellner is manager of local watering hole Bigstar in Chicago, and was nice enough to share his recipe below.  

Marc's Cherry Buck
2 oz black cherry infused Heaven Hill Gold Label
1/2 oz Cherry Heering
1/4 oz demerara simple syrup
1/2 oz lime
2 drops Angostura bitters

Shake and serve over ice.

Top with ginger beer.
Garnish with a cherry.

Moscow Mule
2 oz vodka
1 oz fresh lime juice
4 oz ginger beer

Serve over ice.
Garnish with lime.

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