Thailand: Prohibition in 2011

I arrived in Thailand on Thursday June 30 late in the evening, planning to spend the first leg of my 2 week vacation in Bangkok visiting my old friend Dale.  Our agenda was to check out the markets, temples, food, get a massage, and of course sample some Thai cocktails in the big city.  It just so happened that the elections for the 24th house of representatives fell on that weekend, and there is a law in Thailand that outlaws the sale of alcohol right before an election else, you face up to 6 months of jail time.  From 6pm on Sat. 6/2/11 to midnight Sunday 6/3/11, for approximately 30 hours, Thailand went dry and we went thirsty!

I did manage to squeeze in a few "Mocktails" during that time...

 Chinese plum and sprite float at Greyhound Cafe

Passion Fashion (a blend of passion fruit, pineapple and mint) at Greyhound Cafe

 water:-) at Chatuchak weekend market, the aluminum cups were market sheik and helped keep the water extra cold.

Juice stand at Chatuchak weekend market.  These fresh juices are tamarind, hibiscus, lime, longan, and coconut.  They add sugar and salt to your taste.

 Butterfly pea flower tea

Pandan leaf iced tea

My real disappointment was not being able to try the cocktails at food critic Jarrett Wrisley's restaurant Soul Food Mahanakorn.  If you happen to be visiting Bangkok anytime soon, I highly recommend you stop in and sample some of his Thai inspired drinks using Kafir lime, coconut sugar syrup, lemon grass, Thai basil, passionfruit and lychee liqueur.  I should mention, the food is delicious too!

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