Thailand: Life on the Beach

A perfect vacation for me is usually on the beach.  Always in search of one more beautiful than the last, my criteria: the bluest water, the softest sand, the gentlest waves, the shadiest trees, brightest fish, and the less touristy the better.  After a little research, I landed on Ko Phi Phi in Thailand.  It was one of the most jaw dropping, beautiful places I have ever seen.  After all, this is where they filmed Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Beach" about a secret tropical paradise.  Aside from a knock-out scenery, one more thing the islands here have going for them are the perfect beach accessory:  A bucket of whiskey and soda.

How can you not fall in love with these buckets of fun, especially when you crave a break from drinking Chang and Singha or, sweet Tiki cocktails out of pineapples and coconuts.  Thai whiskey, the most popular being SangSom, is actually a rum that is light with sweet caramel notes.  Often served table side in restaurants with a bucket of ice, soda, cola, or Krating Daeng (the original red bull, invented in Thailand!).  In Thai whiskey soda culture it is common to purchase a whole bottle for the evening.  If you don't finish your bottle, they put your name on it and save it for your next visit, booyah!   

These little prepackaged buckets, ranged from around $6 to $17 depending on the brand of whiskey.  Don't forget to fill bucket with ice!  

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2 Responses to Thailand: Life on the Beach

  1. So, how many buckets of Sang Som and soda did you drink at the beach? After Prohibition in Bangkok, I'm guessing that it's a dozen or so...

  2. At least...I was on vacation after all!


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