Aquarius: Harmony and Understanding

We worked hard to get the balance and harmony right in this drink. When you try it, we think you'll understand. Ha.

The Aquarius
2 oz gin
3/4 oz pine orange blossom syrup
3/4 oz lime

Shake above on ice and strain into a coupe glass. You may also serve on ice in a collins glass and top with a bit of soda.

Notes: We served this drink as a punch using dry ice and it was a big hit. See some pictures here. The dry ice releases carbon, which carbonates the drink. We also added equal parts water (equal to the lime and syrup) to dilute the cocktail to party strength.

For the pine extract, be careful. It's intense. Even one drop will blow out a drink, or two or three. That's why it's important to add it to a syrup. With the proportions above, the syrup makes about 15 drinks per two drops of pine.

If you're wondering where we found it, we had our dear friend Boris send us some from Napa. He's an amazing pastry chef. If you're ever in the neighborhood, you can visit him here. There's an online source for what we used here or a fancy version here.

For a dry ice source in Chicago, we used Polar Ice in Pilsen.

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