Holiday Guide: 11 suggestions for a gift that is sure to give back!

1.  Jupiter Juice Press.  Looks cool on your counter and makes a perfect gift for the entertainer who is constantly juicing lemons and limes in large quantities. 
2.  Mini angled measuring cup.  Helpful for measuring liquid ounces.
3.  Beaba lidded freezer tray.  Large ice cubes melt slower and are perfect for sipping drinks served on the rocks.  Tray cover prevents freezer burn...Genius!
4.  Olive wood juicer.  This juicer is sure to release all juices from the most stubborn of citrus.  Great for juicing in small batches.
5.  Channel knife.  Ideal for making twists.
6.  Solid wood muddler.  Useful for making drinks with fresh fruit and herbs.  Also makes a great ice cracker.
7.  Vintage cocktail glasses.  You can personalize your drinks with fun glasses.  Easy to find at local vintage stores or online.
8.  Bittercube bitters.  These bitters are made in the Midwest!   Bitters come in many flavors and are a great way to add depth to your cocktails.  Also consider fun spices, rose water, orange flower water, exotic sugars, honeys and bottled syrups.
9.  Hermetic glass bottles.  These come in many shapes and sizes and are great for storing homemade syrups, liquor infusions and freshly squeezed juices. 
10.  Great reads: 
"Jigger Beaker & and Glass, Drinking Around the World" by Charles H. Baker Jr.  
Originally written in 1939, this entertaining book is full of tales and recipes of a cocktail imbibers adventures around the world.  
"and a Bottle of Rum, the History of the New World in Ten Cocktails" by Wayne Curtis.  
This book is a fun read for history buffs and rum enthusiasts. 
"Raising the Bar, Better Drinks Better Entertaining" by Nick Mautone. 
This book is a great resource for making modern drinks with fresh ingredients.
11.  Wire mesh strainer.  Strains out pulp, seeds and herbs when you want a clean cocktail presentation. 

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