When Doves Sing

Ok, that's an awfully cheesy post title, but it's all I got to encompass a thank you to all the Eskell party-goers who partook in our cocktails and invite you to our next boutique cocktail party at Dovetail, 1425 W. Chicago Ave, on Friday, November 5th 8-11PM. It's a lovely boutique.

In addition to pouring drinks, Alice is doing a polka dot window so we're sorta taking over your senses.
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Because of the warm Fall weather we've been having, the refreshing Singapore Sling we made for Eskell's party was a big hit. (And it's good to have soda water in a drink when you know people will be having multiples.) Below is a recipe. I just had this idea to make the recipe into a pictogram so that it's easier to visualize (duh) and remember.

What do you think?

Singapore Sling
2 parts gin
1 part Cherry Heering
1 part ginger syrup
1 part lemon juice

Shake above on ice and serve in a collins glass with ice. Top with soda water and garnish with a cherry and orange slice.

Stay tuned for our Dovetail cocktail. We're thinking cheap (cocktails don't have to be expensive when you use fresh ingredients) and clear (pristine clothing + dark cocktails do not mix). Peace.

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