Orange A'Peel


It is said we eat with our eyes as well as our nose.  The essential oils in orange peels and other citrus fruits is a simple way to add another layer of flavor to your cocktail as well as a little eye candy.  Peeling twists are made easy with special tools such as channel knives, vegetable peelers and paring knives.  Tying fancy knots, twirling pigtail curls, slicing the peel lengthwise, or in one continuous peel around entire orange, cutting wheels, wedges and sections is wonderful way to dress up a cocktail for that special guest.  If you want to play with fire,  there is also the flamed orange disc made popular by the king of mixology, Dale DeGroff.  By heating the essential oils in a disc sliced off the side of an orange and then squeezing it over a flame, the caramelized oils burst into fire and create a surprising final touch and wonderful aroma for a cocktail such as the Negroni.

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