The Art of Drinking

Sometimes is good to step back and examine the social culture in which we are so deeply immersed. In the summertime the culture of drinking is magnified. Everyday a new fest or concert. Every week, a different friend in town. I enjoy the excuse to indulge in a Bloody Mary at brunch and then mimosas at a baby shower during the day and then beer at Cubs game in the evening, but at some point it becomes too much of a good thing.

The term "art" refers to skill or mastery and its nature has been described as "one of the most elusive of the traditional problems of human culture". This means, that we must toil and struggle to master art, and not all of us will succeed. In reference to drink, this may just be that we don't know what to order in the bar. It can also mean that we don't know how to enjoy our drink, will drink whatever is handed to us, and then will drink too much.

That's where all the problems occur; when we lose our intention, our focus and ultimately our ability to appreciate the value of alcohol we're in trouble. Hangover, accidents, poor health, fights with friends and lovers. Detriments are endless.

So this post is not to preach... it is a meditation to remind myself not to settle for mediocrity and challenge myself to find the balance between heart and head and ultimately have a better drink.


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