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Farm Fresh Strawberries and umm...Rum!

There is nothing tastier than a farm fresh strawberry...especially in a cocktail! We are bringing back the daiquiri 70's style...forget about your blender!

Because the strawberry season will only carry us until the end of June, we macerated a huge batch to freeze and use as needed. We decided to use this method instead of making a simple syrup or puree, so that we could really taste the flavor of the strawberries.

Maceration is a culinary technique that allows us to gently break up the strawberries by lightly sprinkling them with sugar and lemon juice. We stirred and let the berries sit, just until they softened and started to emit their juices (about 30-45 minutes). You do not want them to get soggy. This process will bring out the sweetness or tartness of the berries and allow them to break apart when we shake the drink.

Hopefully this batch will last us well into summer.

Time out of Mind, A.K.A... Strawberry Daiquiri
1 Tbls of macerated strawberries (to macerate, cut up strawberries and lightly sprinkle with fresh squeezed lemon and sugar. Stir. )
2 oz Mount Gay rum
3/4 oz fresh lime juice
3/4 oz simple syrup
Shake with ice, roll in to glass and garnish with lime wheel. keeping with the 70's theme, a cocktail for all seasons...

Minnie & Moskowitz
2 oz Dolin dry Vermouth
1 oz Framboise
1/8 oz Creme de Violette
build over cracked ice and garnish with lemon peel.
(we couldn't decide on the glass)

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Memorial Day BBQ'n and Demon Punch

This Memorial day some friends and I threw our 5th annual Boulevard BBQ to kick off the summer. Complete with butter burgers, beer brats, badminton, bocce ball and of course, party punch! We feature a new punch every year for the guests who arrive early. This year it was Nandini's Demon Punch...the name says it all. The secret to a good punch is the 5 S's. Some kind of spirit, something spicy, something sweet, something sour and something sparkling.

Spirits: gin, vodka, brandy, cognac, rum or tequila.
Spice: good strong tea, herbs, vanilla, fresh ginger, or even a spicy chili from the garden.
Sweet: simple syrup, honey syrup, sweet liqueur or juice.
Sour: fresh squeezed lemon, or lime juice.
Sparkling: soda water, ginger ale or sparkling wine.

Garnish with fresh berries, herbs, slices of orange or even a giant block of molded ice!

Here is Nandini's recipe for Demon Punch, altered from a recipe from the 1940's found in Gourmet magazine. (this is the party size-half it for less)

Demon Punch

2 bottles of Applejack Brandy
1/2 bottle El Dorado rum
1 pineapple, cut into chunks
2 cups of pitted cherries
Couple bunches of mint (I never measure, but, enough to look pretty)
3-4 cups sugar
1.5 c each of fresh squeezed orange, grapefruit and lemon juice
2 qts. STRONGLY BREWED Black tea- I used assam black nibs, some french black, and assam earl grey (i just did one really strong qt. and mixed with water, but I think I like the flavor better when its 2 qt. of tea)
1 Liter of Soda water

Muddle the mint, sugar, and some tea. Add the rest except soda. Chill and let macerate for an hour (or put a giant heart ice cube in it)
Top it off with soda and ladle over ice.

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