Projects Require Beer

I just spotted artist Kwangho Lee's work and feel a bit inspired. He does furniture and light installations, but it's the lighting I'm drawn to and feel that I could ape.

Here you can see a work in progress. He uses pneumatic tubing for weaving.
I have two kitchen lights with paper lanterns that I would like to change and now I feel like I might be able to sculpt something of my own with wire as a framework and cotton cord for the weave. Here's a little more inspiration from Anthropologie:

And this brings me to the second part of the post. A project like this will require a Saturday afternoon and some beer. Which is great because a beer post is long overdue considering this is the Midwest and we have some of the best breweries on the continent. Here's some of my favorites as we head into Summer:

Scurvy - Tyranena Brewing Company - Lake Mills, Wisconsin

I drank it anytime I could find it last summer and am hoping it comes out again this year. It's an IPA that's brewed with orange peel and pours a thick head. Some complain of it's bitterness, but I don't recall being offended - just happy.

I've tried other Tyranena beers and they're quite good. They do some interesting things like aging beer in rye whiskey barrels.

Two Hearted Ale - Bell's Brewery, Inc. - Michigan, United States

Usually everyone thinks of Oberon (nee Sol) when they think of Summer and Bell's - it's on everyone's tap. But I'd rather go for the less available Two Hearted, which is anIPA with more floral, citrus and unfiltered goodness. Truth be told, I'll drink anything from Bell's and be happy. When they stopped distributing to Illinois for a time, it was a sad day for a lot of people.

Gumballhead - Three Floyds Brewing LLC - Hammond, Indiana

Although everyone here swoons over the once-a-year Dark Lord brew, I'll take the flowers and candy.

Ebelweiss - Two Brothers Brewing Company - Warrenville, Illinois

Another beer that's very floral on the nose with a fruity finish. Satisfying.

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