Bebidas de Costa Rica

monkey juice

pina colada

strawberry orange pineapple smoothie

basil pineapple smoothie

papaya smoothie

Coca-Cola with pure cane sugar

Costa Rican limes

cuba libre

Ron Centenario Anejo Especial

fresh pressed orange juice

coconut milk a la coconut

Cacique Guaro y Fresca

Arriba abajo al centro y adentro...

I just got back from a lovely holiday to beautiful Costa Rica where I indulged in a few Tico cocktails and tropical brews with names like Latin Lover and Monkey Juice. Playa Dominical, a tranquil surf town on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica was my home for one week on this 12 day vacation. I was seduced for the second year in a row by its surf friendly waves, panoramic sunsets, simplicit charm, and pura vida.

We spent the days out doors in the hot sun regularly quenching our thirst with wonderful fruit potions such as pineapple basil smoothies, mango strawberry cardamom blends, fresh pressed orange juice, coconut milk, and old classics such as the cuba libre with cane sugar coca cola and the pina colada.  I already miss the whir of the blender, a constant in our ears, except during the occasional blackout.

Of course, our adventure would not be complete without partaking in a night of Costa Rica's infamous Cacique Guaro. Cacique Guaro is a Costa Rican liquor which is a clear spirit made from sugar cane and sweet in flavor, similar to Brazil's Cachaca. In Dominical it is traditionally drunk on ice with fresca and limes of which are ORANGE in color here and have an ugly clumpy brown skin. Cacique Guaro is sure to leave you with some fond memories and at worst get you in the mood for some salsa dancing. Don't forget to toast!


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