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Ciao summer, it was fun.

No one captures summer better than photographer Massimo Vitali. I could looked at his photographs for hours. And for $3000 I could have a print. Anyway, to stay with the Italian theme it's time to grab one of the last watermelons, cut it in squares and dip each in a glass of Campari. Bliss.
P.S. If you're in Japan, I have a feeling that the cutting would be easier.
P.P.S. After the $3000 I spend for the Vitali print (in the endless summer of my dreams), I'd take $500 to buy these Benjamin sunglasses in which to imagine myself in the scene:


Fit for a Room: Take 1

I've been thinking about this idea for a little while now. About how one's room or a room you see can be so evocative. And how the cocktail you choose is so hinged on the mood your in. So what's sets the mood? The time and place, of course (unless you've lost your religion then it doesn't matter). Do you see the connection?

Here's the game - what cocktail would you choose with this room?
Francis Bacon's studio.

I was thinking a Bloody Mary. You can really throw anything from your fridge door into the mix which seems pretty chaotic to me. And of course, if you want to be super-literal you can add bacon salt or infuse your vodka with bacon.Fry up three strips of bacon.

Add cooked bacon to a clean pint sized mason jar. Trim the ends of the bacon if they are too tall to fit in the jar.
Fill the jar up with vodka. Cap and place in a dark cupboard for at least three weeks. That’s right- I didn’t refrigerate it.
At the end of the three week resting period, place the bacon vodka in the freezer to solidify the fats. Strain out the fats through a coffee filter to yield a clear filtered pale yellow bacon vodka.

Decant into decorative bottles and enjoy.

Recipe and photo of vodka from: Browniepoinstblog

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