No Lava La Conciencia

I was fortunate enough to visit Buenos Aires a few years ago. I completely fell in love with the boutiques, restaurants, the language, art and the people. The shops were super quaint yet, so memorable. Some were narrow and long, while others were square and tall with sky lights, murals and ivy climbing up the walls. I really appreciated their sense of aesthetic, and the way they were able to take a space and make it work for them.

While I was there I came across a little family owned soap shop in Palermo that I have never been able to forget called Sabater Hermanos. It was a super tiny space with boxes of soap stacked up on both sides in vibrant colors, cool shapes and scents. There was a little desk in the back with a register and the walls were papered with pictures of the family, friends and inspiration. I adore their soaps, their cute little shop and their story. I think I visited this store about 4 times in a period of 2 weeks, and I brought back my fare share for gifts and souvenirs. Unfortunately, none of my photos from the trip turned out. Here is a great little video of the soap shop.

Watch more Buenos Aires videos at

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