In the land of Japan

I'm looking forward to knitting this week. A couple friends and I are starting up a weekly knitting group. I'm a little rusty. Last week I had to tear out about a thousand stitches because I found a hole and dropped a stitch.

Free-form knitting. How beautiful.

For this week we went to Mitsuwa market to get food, sake and look at the knitting books. All the knitting patterns are in Japanese, but it's fun to look. It's also fun to look at all the sake:
I got brown rice tea, noodles, incense, adzuki bean pies, mung beans, sushi rice powder, little fish pellets for soup, lots of spices and matcha powder (I'm going to try and make Green Tea ice cream tonight!).

But wandering around the market had me remembering about all the cool and alien things from Japan. Like the men reading the "backwards" amine novels on the train and the girls crocheting. About how the food tasted uber fishy (I didn't like it) and how much they like Americans and American things (which was not the case at the market; only in Japan I think).

So then the knitting got me thinking about Japanese martial arts (?) and how the bushi (warrior class) women were trained in naginata. It's sticking fighting used to knock enemies off their horses when they had to protect their homes. They kind of look like bamboo needles, right?
Ok I'm reaching with the analogy, but wouldn't it be cool to be skilled in fighting and knitting and sewing AND making babies?

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