Winter: Swedish-Style

Not that I want to hurry Fall (see post below), but I've been thinking that the Swedes do it right.

The Glögg
3 sticks cinnamon
2-3 pieces dried Seville orange peel
2-3 pieces dried ginger (not ground)
some 10 cardamom seeds (whole)
some 10 cloves (whole)
1 cup water
1 bottle of wine

Heat spices and water to boiling, then turn off heat and let stand overnight. Filter out the spices and then add the wine. Reheat with wine and add sugar to taste (2/5 of a cup).
* Note that alcohol evaporates so reheat, don't boil.

Growing up, we always added brandy too. I saw some recipes that included blackberry schnapps. Sounds interesting.

The Fireplaces

The Textiles
The Shoes
Ok ok ok and IKEA and H&M. Oh oh and gravlax too.

And, the Divine Comedy feels the same way.

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