Dark and Stormy

Over the past few months I've had a renewed interest in the Dark and Stormy cocktail. The first time I had it I was pretty apathetic. I mean all I could taste was the ginger. Then I had it again and it seemed bland without the homemade ginger syrup. What I'm starting to come to is that the Dark and Stormy is an easy cocktail to get wrong and one that is riddled with variance. But if you get it right, it's as satisfying as they come.

At the Violet Hour:Cruzan Black Strap
Brugal Anejo,
House Ginger Syrup.

I don't have the proportions, but if you like ginger this is where it's at.

At my Dad's house in St. Louis:
About 1/3 to 1/2 can of Gosling's Ginger Beer
1 1/2 to 2 oz of Gosling's Black Rum
Limes (I say the more lime the better)
Pour in the ginger beer and then float the rum on top so you get the stormy effect.

I kept drinking the result before getting a good shot. But, this was my favorite Dark and Stormy experience. Maybe it was the good company, but we went through almost the whole bottle in a weekend. It may seem boring/lazy not to make your own syrup but on a hot summer day you can literally drink one after the other to pretty fantastic results.

At home:You see how it's getting worse?

At home I tried the ginger beer Reed's from Trader Joe's because I couldn't find the Gosling's (not even at Sam's Wines). First with the rum I brought home from Nicaragua - Flor de Cana 7 year and then with the spiced rum Kilo Kai I got free from a vendor (had to qualify why I have this). Despite the above glorified photoshopped image, these are bad combos! I think I hate Reed's and the Flor de Cana is wasted with ginger beer. The Kilo Kai, I thought would get better with the ginger beer and lots of lime because it's so sweet, but no dice.

Final thoughts? Make a ginger syrup and use the Gosling's ginger beer if you can find it. Also, stick to a dark/black rum and not the spiced.

P.S. The Goslings ginger beer and rum are the traditional ingredients in the classic cocktail.

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2 Responses to Dark and Stormy

  1. What? No apricots?

  2. haha...

    Actually Sam's does carry Gosling's ginger beer. I believe they get their deliveries on Tuesdays.
    Can't wait!!!


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