Au Revoir Pierre Paulin

Although Pierre Paulin died last Saturday, I just found out today. My dad always had an interest in Modern or Mid-Century design, which meant that I also had that interest. I would look through his books, particularly the easily digestible ones like 1000 Chairs and pick out my favorite designers. Perhaps it's the alliteration, but Pierre Paulin was my penultimate.The tulip chairs have always been the ones I like the best.
He designed all the furniture for two French presidents! Above is from Georges Pompidou's.Scene from Deliverance with tongue chairs.
Not sure about what this one is called, but pretty cute.

So as we head into this Father's Day weekend, I just want to say thanks Dad for showing me all this cool stuff. I feel lucky I get to see you in a few short hours.

Yes, and goodbye to Pierre.

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